Business in Dentistry



Are you planning to get in Private Practice?

Our goal is to help you in every single step from planning, building to execution of your successful new practice. If you follow these principles of tested methodology, you will be able to bravely step into the private world successfully. In this course we will provide step by step guidelines on how to excel in your private practice.


Course Objectives

  • To know every stages of a private practice start up
  • Instrumentation and gearing for a practice
  • The business concept of a private practice
  • The key components for a successful practice
  • Building a patient base
  • Converting patients mindset



Day 1

  • Strategic business plan – new practice set up, existing practice takeover or joint makeover
  • Financing / Financial Aids / Financing Planning
  • Building a new practice from scratch – structural / regulations
  • Equipments and materials
  • Regulations / Protocol / Ethics / Registration
  • Accounting
  • Human resource management
  • GST & GST exemptions
  • Practice structure and organization
  • Front office start up
  • Back office
  • Business plan
  • Optimising service and organisation
  • Complementing practice structures, ensuring long-lasting business success
  • Business assessment
  • Liquidity planning
  • Investments
  • Budget planning
  • Outsourcing of service

Day 2 –

  • Patient communications
  • Psychology of motivation and convincing
  • The fine line between selling and professionalism
  • Patients psychology
  • Defining and communicating main treatment focus
  • Patients with high expectations
  • Installing a structured patient appointment system
  • The ideal team – motivational psychology
  • Recognising personal and social skills (analysis of strengths and weaknesses)
  • Patient orientated treatment planning
  • Patient loyalty
  • Fulfilling increasing demands of patient
  • Professional conversation on the phone
  • Attentive patient care – creating a positive impression
  • Structuring communication with patient
  • Successful communication
  • Individual impression and charisma-generating trust
  • Essential requirements for a constructive patient consultation
  • Presenting practice range of service effectively and convincingly
  • Dentist-patient talk – trust generating communication
  • Marketing your practice
  • Managing a practice that is financially successful
  • Cost-planning = success planning
  • Performance planning (turnover)
  • Systematic monitoring of expenses
  • Efficient practice management – expenses, profit sustainability

Course Coordinator

Dr. Bala Saravanan


Dr Bala Saravanan qualified as a dentist in 2011 and a Masters in Business Administration- London School of Commerce (LSC) in 2014. After dental school, he spent 3 years in government and private practice.

Spending 3 years in Government and being very active in private -practice, he quickly learned where all the mistakes are being done and how to improve them, and he had a strategy in play.

Having an MBA and business experience right after government service, Dr Bala opened his first private practice, “The Dentist” in 2015. This clinic was opened in a saturated dental clinic area of 10 dental clinics around the radius.

Based on the exact principle that will be taught in this course, in 1 year’s time, he very quickly converted his basic 2-chair practice to a 5-chair multi-specialty center.

In a span of only 2 years, he organically managed to build 3 successful practices in Klang Valley under the name “The Dentist”. The passion to help the dental industry and to make every dentist a success, Dr Bala has cut down clinical practice and stop expansion of his clinic business, converted all his energy and time to The Dental Academy Malaysia.

Dr Bala is the founding director of The Dental Academy Malaysia – a training centre focusing on clinical competency training for dentists. His focus is to bring dentistry to the next level and to make sure every dentist is a successful dentist, both clinically and in business.