Master Class in Veneering


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Do you want to master world class dental aesthetic? Unable to decide if the case is suitable for veneers? Excited about the profits in aesthetic veneering? Unsure on prep and cementation? Do you want to train on predictable aesthetics and long term veneer success.

Master Class in Veneering is a comprehensive hands-on program designed for dentists that are new and those who would like to advance to the next level. The purpose of this three-day series will be to equip all participants with the skills necessary to successfully place different types of veneers with preparation needs and introduce them to more advanced procedures.

Course Objectives

– Fundamentals of estnelic dentistry

– Indications for veneers

– Digital dental photography

– Dental materials used in veneers

– Smile design

– Occlusion

– Conventional veneers

– Minimal preparation veneers

– Direct and indirect veneers

– Review and maintenance Of the Veneers


DAY 01

Aesthetic dentistry Introduction
Functional and aesthetic analysis
Comprehensive treatment planning
Digital Dental Photography , Live
Shade Selection
Matrix fabrication
Isolation techniques
Preparation techniques for direct veneers
Direct composite veneering , Natural layering

DAY 02

Finishing and characterization
Polishing techniques
indirect veneering
Diagnostic wax up
Smile make over
Aesthetic pre-evaluated temporaries, Aesthetic
mock up
Lithium disilicate and feldspalic veneers
Aesthetic tare-evaluated temporaries – Aesthetic
mock up
Minimal invasive prosthetic preparation
Labial veneers

DAY 03

Paletal veneers
Management of sensitivity
Immediate dentine seailng
Impression techniques
Tissue retraction techniques
Aesthetic temporaries
Staining, finishing and polishing or temporaries
Temporary luting
Laboratory communication
Try in
Permanent Luting
Finishing and polishing

Course Coordinator


Dr Karthikeyan graduated in Dental Surgery from Maenakshi Ammal Dental Colege at “The Dr. Mgr Medical University” India in 2004. He later continued his studies at the Dental Institute in King’s College London where he received his Master’s in Clinical Dentistry in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics. He trained under leading Aesthetic and Prosthodontic Rehabilitation Specialists like Dr Mauro Fradeani, Dr Galip Gruel, Prof Brian Millar, Dr Christian Coachman and Dr Mario Basek. He is a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Specialist Prosthodontist at the Dental Faculty at Lincoln University College. He is also a Member of the European Prosthodontic Association.