Minor Oral Surgery


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Not Confident in wisdom tooth removal? Are you spending hours removing an impacted tooth? Are you worried that the nerve is too near? Are you worried about post surgical complications? Do you want to predictably remove any simple or complicated impacted tooth without any complications?

This course trains dentists to be competent in surgical management of complicated impacted wisdom tooth under local anesthesia. This course is designed mainly for general dental practitioners who are interested in wisdom tooth surgery. The course offers live surgery, which begins with a lecture and observation.

Course Objectives

• Diagnose and classify impaction • To be able to provide good local anesthetic
• To be able to raise flap based on impaction needs • Suturing
• Ideal guttering of tooth and bone (for non-traumatic and fast impaction removal)
• Complicated impacted removal • Medications and complication management


Introduction to oral surgery

Diagnostic and classification of impaction
Radiograpn diagnostics (lOPA/OPG/CBCD
Nerve and structural identification
Sterilization procedure

infection control

In depth study oflocal anesthetics
(techniques & different blocks)

Types of flaps (flaps workshop)

Instrument and armamentarium

Different types oftootn morphology

Tooth splitting and bone gutterrng

Minimum traumatization protocol

Removal of different types and angles of impaction
Surgical clinical skills and tips

Suturing workshop

In depth study of medication (analgesic, antibiotics,
antieinflammatory and others)

Possible complications

Complication management

Surgical management for medically compromised patients

Live surgical demonstration

Course Coordinator

Dr Ha Kien Onn
Dr. Ha completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BOS) in University of Malaya in the year 1994. Heobtained his Fellowshipin DentalSurgery Royal College of Surgeons of England(FDSRCS) in 1998. He thencontinued to study Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in University Malaya and graduated in the year 2002. After which he underwent his houseman trainingin University Malaya Medical Centre and worked as a medical officer in Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang until 2006.
He was a senior lecturer in the Department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, University of Malaya from 2006-2012 ,training undergraduate and postgraduate students. He had published a few research papers in journals. He is actively involved in seminars, workshop and conferences organized locally and internationally.
Dr. Ha’s enthusiasm inlearning never stop,in 2013,he successfully completed and passed his Diploma in Cosmetic Surgery (2013) of Korean College of Cosmetic

Dr. Ha Kien Oon

Surgery (KCCS), South Korea.
Currently Dr Ha Kien Oon practices as cosmetic oral and maxillofacial surgeon at the

Subang Dental Specialist Clinic where he provides services for awide range of dental and facial cosmetic procedures.
He is a life member for the Malaysian Association of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons,member of the Asian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. He is also a fellow and international member of the Koritan College of Cosmetic Surgery (KCCS), South Korea.
His areas of interest include Facialcosmetic surgery, Facialtrauma and reconstructive surgery, Dental and maxillofacial implantology, Management of medically compromised patients in dentistry and Medical mergencies in dental practice